Founder, Instructor, Hula Hoop Haberdasher

Natasha "Tashii Moto" Burrell

Natasha "Tashiimoto" Burrell, the visionary founder of Hula Hoop Fit 366, has always cherished the simplicity of childhood games. Growing up, she enjoyed the outdoors with cousinsand friends, reveling in games like big wheels, jump ropes, and, of course, hula hoops. In the face of life's challenges, Tashii discovered the therapeutic power of hula hooping during the tumultuous times of the early pandemic and a personal loss. What started as a coping mechanism transformed into a passion, leading to the creation of Hula Hoop Fit 366. Now, with custom-weighted waist and arm hula hoops, Tashii is dedicated to transforming lives, one hoop at a time, proving that sometimes the simplest joys can have the most profound impact.

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